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was dancing with my darling to the tennessee waltz captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley>> mason: good evening, scott's off tonight. the sigh of relief that came when the house passed the fiscal cliff deal was soon drowned out by a roar of anger. governors chris christie of new jersey and andrew cuomo of new york along with senators and house members from those states blasted house speaker john boehner today for putting off a vote on aid for victims of superstorm sandy. we have three reports on all this tonight. first, elaine quijano on the storms of protest over sandy aid that got action. elaine? >> reporter: good evening to you, anthony, well, here at the statehouse in new jersey, republican governor chris christie said the people of his state are being used as political pawns just two months after sandy hit. >> 66 days and counting. shame on you. shame on congress. >> reporter: superstorm sandy caused over $36 billion in damage in new jersey. governor christie says he was assured by congressional leaders that the aid package would be put t
missouri, arkansas, and tennessee. homes were damaged. trees and power lines were knocked down. thousands lost power. >> the front surges all the way to texas. in tennessee, flash flood warnings have been issued. can see nashville is caught in the storm's path and that's where you can fient jennifer reyes. >> reporter: this is some of the damage in our area. you can see this big tree came down in the middle of the road, and when that happened it took out a power line with it. now metro police is here mareking sure that drivers don't go through this. similar reports have bn coming in to our newsroom. trees down in the middle of the road, and, of course, police have responded to that. there have been reports of damage to businesses, also to homes. in an area called bordeaux there was man parentally seeking shelter and the shelter ended up caving in on top of him and killed him. at the peak of the storm there were heavy winds and heavy rain and because of that there were about 21,000 users without electricity. this was at 4:00 a.m. the electric company is working to restore lots of -- the po
the tennessee valley, going into the deep south. these are tornado watch boxes. kentucky, tennessee through alabama this morning. and we're going to be watching the this whole line move off toward the east as the day wears on. 43 in martinsburg. hagerstown is one of our colder areas at 37. to 65. yes, 65 in fredricksburg right now. it's in the low 60s in prince frederick and patuxent river. cambridge 51. here in d.c. 53. we're going to 70 but there's a threat of some strong thunderstorms late today and tonight. let's check in with monika samtani. if you do the beltway in prince george's county, you need to pay attention. >>> you do. we're talking the east side of the beltway in prince george's county where there was a serious early morning accident. it happened before 3:00 on the inner loop of the beltway. that's southbound 95 after route 50 where only one lane is getting by in each direction. let me show you first what it looks like live there. three vehicles involved, including a fire truck, a tractor-trailer, and a jeep. if you are planning to head to the beltway, look at the work they h
yesterday. damage was reported from georgia to virginia. another man was killed in tennessee. meteorologist david bernard of our miami station wfor is following the severe weather system. >> it's been a rough 48 hours for the eastern two-thirds of the country. income, we can take a look at the map that shows ought of the storm reports since tuesday. those blue areas, over 500 reports of wind damage across the midwest and southeastern united states and within those we have a couple dozen reports of tornadoes where we had a damaging tornado particularly in northern georgia during the day on wednesday. but the good news is the bad weather has moved out and the cooler and dryer is moving in today. we're expecting 60 in new orleans as we prepare for the super bo super bowl. in the northeast we're going to see temperatures in the 40s and 50s but turning colder by this evening. temperatures. snow showers around pittsburgh and a high of 29 as well. and look at the cold in the midwest. only 15 today for chicago. minneapolis, a high of 4. pretty quiet in the west with rain in seattle and a high of 49
is expected in tennessee and mississippi. meteorologist david bernard of our miami station wfor is tracking this powerful weather front. >> the big story today is going to be the continued threat for heavy rain and severe weather from the southeast extending into the northeastern corner of the united states. this front is going to bring severe weather potential from the panhandle to this area. if we follow the front to the north we're looking at flood watches for a good part of the northeast, strong to severe thunderstorms possible this evening and tonight as that front approaches the coastline. on the opposite side of that, we're looking at cold air spilling into the midwest. the rain we saw yesterday in chicago is going to end as a little bit of light snow with temperatures in the upper 30s. very cold in the plains with highs in the teens and 20s. out west it looks pretty quiet in southern california. l.a., not bad. look for rain in the northwest. seattle and portland kind of dreary and temperatures in the 40s. i'm david bernard for cbs news, miami. >>> overseas now, a police inspector sa
in the tennessee valley with some freezing rain and rain mixing in in southern kentucky and down in tennessee. the very dry air in place with temperatures down in the single digits now into williamsport. 13 in pittsburgh and around here bell our temperatures in the low to mid-teens in many areas. upper teens and even 20 at reagan national. but 12 jermantown and 12 millersville and northern anne arundel county. 12 dumfries right now. 13 at dulles. another very cold morning. waldorf at 17 and outside on our michael & son weather camera, great visibility. with cloudy skies and we have 20 feeling like 9. one thing i want to point out. i love the dew point. it's such a true measure of how much moisture is in the air. when you have a 20-degree spread that's a lot to overcome for moisture. so when it starts to snow that's going to have to evaporate for verga and then after a few hours it will reach the ground. arrives this afternoon and looks like 1 to 3 and really more like 1 for much of the region. the 3 inches, that's probably more toward the maryland and pennsylvania border and out in western ma
'll hear more on that from newt gingrich. tennessee republican representative, marsha blackburn. for analysis, being bring there david ignatius of the "washington post." david sanger of the "new york times," and from campaign 2012, obama adviser stephanie cutter, and romney adviser kevin madden. back to face off one more time because this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: and good morning, again. california's democratic senator dianne feinstein is joining us in the studio this morning. senator, you introduced this legislation friday to ban assault weapons, reinstate the ban. you got this passed once before. it was uphill all the way. you can see this time it's going to be uphill, but why do you think you can get it passed? >> well, i think i can get it passed because the american people are very much for it. there's a new poll out, 50,000 people in the field, 68% supportive of a ban on assault weapons. i think what happens is you have one group-- namely, the national rifle associatio
's going on. heavy storms, tornadic thunderstorms across portions of alabama, georgia, eastern tennessee. this is a severe thunderstorm watch just to our west and southwest till 4:00. but all of this water is coming off to the north and the east. so it's not out of the question that one, maybe two inches of rain could fall if we get under some of these heavy downpours which looks like they'll stay generally west of us for the afternoon and evening hours. this may be closer to the metro than this model is depicting but we're going to watch it nonetheless because the storms will move northeast. the line will move toward us. by midnight, 1:00 it's over us. then we'll push it away as we get toward the morning rush hour with snows returning into the mountains. the cold air comes back. we're going to watch that for thursday and friday morning, a little disturbance is going to come across. that could flow some flurries or even light snow our way. after tonight well very to watch for friday morning to see if we have any issues. going to be some late thunderstorms. tonight we're into the 30s and
home. a large manufacturing plant was also demolished. in tennessee another tornado killed at least one person and this is the same storm that's hitting us right now. >>> broke and bankrupt, a doctor targeted by the d.c. health department for prescribing painkillers tells wusa 9 tonight that he is shutting down and going out of business. the city pulled his license to write prescriptions back in april. in the months since then he says half a dozen patients of his have died, at least three from suicide. gary nurenberg is here. this sounds like a lot more at stake than a license. >> reporter: this is not a fight of a pill pusher. it is a profound disagreement about how to treat those who suffer from pain. the doctor believes the very existence of pain causes brain damage that cannot be prepared, and to prevent that brain damage he prescribes more pain medication than doctors who have a different approach. d.c.'s health department wants to shut him down. tonight it appears the city is getting what it wants. his patients rallied in november to protest d.c.'s decision to take away his right
to the tennessee waltz". >> page's singing career lasted well into the 1980s shelf sold more than 100 million records. she'll receive a grammy award. she died on new year's day. she was 85 years old. >>> up next on a thursday morning, your weather forecast. and in sports, syracuse hoops coach jim bayh,nikze bounces into the record books. this is the "cbs morning news." chili's lunch combos. starting at 6 bucks. more life happens here. capella university understands bright students are getting lost in the shuffle. need. and administration's work gets more complex every year. when you look at these issues, do you see problems or opportunities? with an advanced degree in education from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to meet these challenges and make a difference in the lives of students. let's get started at she can't always move the way she wants. now you can with new stayfree ultra thins. flexible layers move with your body, while thermocontrol wicks moisture away. keep moving. new stayfree. around cities. new york, sunny, 31, chicago, breezy, 29 frmgs partly sunny
the ohio and tennessee valley. a lot more bark than bite with this. by sunday, the bulk of the clouds start to move away from us. i think it will turn sunnier. traveling today, getting out of town, some snow showers in buffalo, 31, boston mostly cloudy at 37. we're looking at 36 and sunshine in chicago. our forecast calling for 43 but breezy today, sunny. tomorrow will start sunny, a few more clouds later on in the day. sun, early clouds becoming sunny, cool, 47, so we have the skins home, the ravens are home for the playoff game. maybe a little chilly for the tailgaters. a storm system will approach late wednesday into thursday. maybe 60 by wednesday. it's 4:47. let's go monica with time saver traffic. >> it's friday. that mean ifs you're heading out early, the volumes will be very, very light. if you're planning ahead in southern maryland, one issue to know about, there was an accident overnight. police activity remains block southbound route 5. route 4 is fine, no problems around andrews air force base. and the beltway is clear. and it's looking great here. volumes are looking light acro
lines and overturned vehicles. it left its mark on tennessee. >> it sucked my truck in like a vacuum and it spit me out. >> our home is gone and never expected to see anything like this. >> i'm telling you without a shadow of a doubt in my mind that the lord woke me up, said get up because i had no sooner got up and got out of the way than the tree fell on the house. >> wow, the sheriff in adairsville estimates the tornado stayed on the ground a full two minutes. one man died when a tree fell on his home. at least nine people were also injured. look at that destruction. >> we were talking about this system yesterday when we heard about the fact there were these tornadoes in the atlanta area. that was some kind of system. >> it was. we had tornadoes and wind damage essentially up and down the eastern seaboard. tornadoes never really got past georgia. >>> we had winds and torrential rains, now back to winter. we're closing the book on january and track light snow late tonight. let's start with live look outside, our michael and son weather cam. temperatures are falling, 39 now. in fact
-- jobbies. -- rockies. the warmth is going to be pushed northward through the ohio valley, the tennessee valley, toward the mid-atlantic here. by saturday 60s. by sunday we will have some 70- degree readings i believe in our region. it will be barely above zero in bismarck. all of this because of the storm down in texas. there's another big storm out on the west coast with the rains along the coast. the mountain snows inland. these will pile up here quite a bit. the rain has been piling up in texas yesterday. today louisiana along with the threat for severe weather, but that storm is lifting more to the north than the east. still, we're going to get some clouds out of this later today, tonight, as they'll be streaming in from the west. then tomorrow afternoon we're going to get some rain in here. so that the commute home friday or the getaway friday afternoon, friday evening is going to be a slow one. that's why i'm going to yell loy' letter -- yellow alert tomorrow. today 54, at least the way we're going. tonight 235 to 40. tomorrow -- 35 to 40. tomorrow dry in the morning. rain and sho
through the tennessee valley and then south of us. we'll be caught in between systems. consequently no one storm is going to become very well organized with a bunch of moisture. so we're kind of having the leftovers from each storm basically. and a nice day tomorrow, but don't get your hopes up if you're a big snow lover. how much snow? maybe an inch downtown, maybe an inch to an inch and a half in southern maryland and an inch towards frederick. this will be a pretty even snow from the north to the south with an inch, maybe two inches in spots. highest amounts across the divide and ski resorts. that's good news. so cool and dry overnight. morning commute, dry. you might want to warm up your car a little bit. evening commutes will be slow with the snow. again round two, one to three inches by friday evening. i'm sort of favoring closer to an inch as i look at more and more stuff. 8 to 18 tonight, clear and very cold. some high clouds by dawn. some areas in the single digits. 10 in laytonsville. 15 at college park. 13 in fairfax, but 9 in leesburg, manassas, and probably middleburg too. by
. there are areas in north carolina, eastern tennessee, extreme southwestern virginia. but around here, 2:00 tomorrow, cloudy. there's the snow moving in during the afternoon to 6:00. looks like it will be snowing especially on the west side. then pulling out of here potentially by midnight. we'll get rid of that pretty quickly and end up with a decent weekend. the yellow alert is over. just blustery this afternoon. tonight 21 in d.c. with mid- teens north and west. cloudy tomorrow. snow late in the afternoon, 28. 23 on friday night with the snow ending overnight. 32 saturday. then a warming trend begins. by sunday 38. monday 42. look at those temperatures. tuesday and wednesday got temperatures in the 50s, although wednesday looks like it's going to be on the wet side. yes, looks like the pattern is going to change for the warmer side for just a little while. time for petline 9 now. today we've got kristen from the washington humane society. she's got chipper the bunny with her. chipper the bunny. i'm saying hi to chipper. we were talking earlier, do people come specifically for bunnies
, a few warnings in the mountains. southern kentucky, northeastern tennessee, ice storm warnings, freezing rain a big problem, down i-81 towards knoxville out of virginia. here is the snow. this first batch, i talked about "this morning edition" morning, the air is so dry it's evaporating. when it was up in pittsburgh and indianapolis they had snow totals that were in the half inch or inch an hour category of snow rates. western ohio look how quickly this is moving, it's starting to clear out. this will be with us on and off for the entire afternoon, starting the next hour or so, with us through early this evening. that's going to hamper the commute. i know it looks like it's snowing in a lot of places but it's up here and west where we're getting reports of the snow reaching the ground, light snow in roanoke at this hour. temperatures, they are cold enough. with temps at 21 in fairfax, 22 anderson, whatever falls will stick to untreated surfaces. the dew point is 1, the temperature is 24. a 23-degree spread with humidity too too dry at the surface but that will change. our weather headlin
. another storm is pulling out of this area, into the tennessee valley to go south of us. we are caught between the two storms. neither one is really cranking out too much for you. we are kind of going to end up in that dead zone. so we're going to get some snow breaking out tomorrow, but in terms of it becoming a bigger storm, just don't think so. how much snow, maybe an inch downtown or half an inch in culpepper. the winner will be across the divide in the ski resorts in oakland and down towards timberline. cold and dry in the morning. morning commute is dry. evening commute will be slow. they will have some snow. the bulk will see a -- will see closer to an inch. clear and very cold. few high clouds by dawn as the winds die down. there could be single digits. could be 9 in leesburg tonight and hay market. the snow could break out west of town. mostly cloudy and cold elsewhere. teens and 20s. snow breaks out in the metro area with the high of 26 to 30. again, one to three inches are possible by 8:00 tomorrow. three days we are looking at temperatures with the weather alert tomorrow. t
to tennessee where nashville is 63-degrees at this hour. that warmth warrants to move in -- wants to move in our direction but it's got to get past the rain first which is what we're going to be dealing with today. then the 630s for saturday and sunday. the heavy stuff really coming out of indiana into ohio at this hour. the futurecast for us, we've got some clouds which are going to be increasing across the region this morning. by midday, a shower out to the west and our south. they'll be approaching the metro area here for the lunch hour. with us through the afternoon hours. out west though, by late afternoon, maybe all right for the drive home. we're going to hope we can get this stuff cleared of us by 5:00 p.m. maybe 5:30. so the afternoon commute is definitely going to be impact asked then tonight with the rain -- impacted and then tonight with the rain leaving some fog set up as temperatures stay in the 40s for overnight lows. highs today 50 degrees and some afternoon rain and showers. tonight low to mid-40s with patchy dense fog in spots. early clouds and fog saturday. partly sunny
whittenburg. beautiful putt there. 28-year-old from memphis, tennessee. good, tidy player. very nice swing, very strong and fit. off a good season on the tour last year. yeah, tiger will be really upset at himself for bogeying 14 and hitting that drive here. nick: his stats were good the hole week. i think he got as high as 80% in one round. but then today he's gone left on one, left on two. right on four, right on six. seven down the fairway. nine way right. 10, perfect. 12 good. 13 good. 14 didn't really hook enough and then 15 left going left. so not pretty with the big stick. though this one has really been working. ian: that was a bad misread. you don't see tiger misread by a cup very often. nick: so there's still stuff to work on. the wedge play has been brilliant. the distance control all through the week -- it's been rainy and foggy and all sorts. the distance control has been a serious improvement but i think this will really iraq him. he's got to -- irk him. he's got to sort this driver out under certain visual demands. peter: nick watney, very quick putt. nick: wow, was
died in tennessee. a twister hit near nashville, tennessee. >>> a former chief psychiatrist at the f.b.i. who's been trying to convince d.c. government to allow him to write prescriptions for narcotics is now closing down his office. dr. allen salerian believes the very existence of pain causes brain damage and can't be repaired and to prevent brain damage, he prescribes pain 34ed indication, -- medication, more of it than other physicians do. the d.c. health department wants to shut him down. salerian says he's surrendering now, at least for the time being because he has no choice. he says he's bankrupt. >>> the time is 6:07. i am watching your money. facebook says higher costs dragged down profits by nearly 80% last quarter. but the social networking site says revenues got a boost from stronger ad sales on mobile devices. facebook's monthly average user base grew by 25% from a year ago. now a little over a billion people on facebook. meantime the dow jones industrial average hit a speed bump on its way to 14,000. stocks fell after the government said the economy unexpectedly pulled
, for the first time, including debra from grand junction, tennessee. you feel very blessed to be here. >> i'm very blessed to be here. i was blessed with this trip from my uncle and auntie. i say kudos to them and i'm just grateful and thankful. i want to say hello to my friends and family out of grand junction, tennessee. >> reporter: enjoy your time. we'll send it back to you. >> all right. love her smile and her attitude this early in the morning. >> she'll have to leave that poster behind if she has one of those tickets. but there are other areas outside where you can have your post irs. stay with -- posters. stay with wusa9 for everything you need to know about the 57th presidential inauguration. we'll be right back. me noce] whemotu ith lht itflts wheha ith hrad, t oos. inodinneusyd-lht a gh sndd hr re at fl mste. fr oheins. hyraig'sal fmus witlit,eesemira gie t80mo mstizio tht n'weh irow f hr thacaiviny ow ewneusyd-lht [ won yollev stlagn. [ alanunr raseousnrd >>> jessica doyle is live in front of the u.s. capitol where all the action will take place in just about five hours from
to the tennessee waltz >>> patti page was a star before the rock 'n' roll erand a even sell vis presley couldn't knock her off the charts. she died on new year's day after performing for seven decades and selling more than 7 million records. ♪ how much is that doggy in the window ♪ >> patti page was a pop ian when pop songs sounded like this. ♪ i remember the night >> beginning in 1948 the woman they called the singing rage scored at least one top 20 hit for 11 straight years including her biggest single "the tennessee waltz." ♪ yes i lost my little darling >> which stayed at number one for nine weeks in 1950 and '51. ♪ the beautiful tennessee waltz ♪ >> it's one thing to have hits and patti page had plenty of those. it's another thing for your voice to be a defining voice of the era. >> her popularity took her to television where she had broadcasts on all three networks and in 1960s page tried her hand on the big screen appearing in three feature films including opposite burt lancaster. >> when did you stop serving god? >> about two years ago. >> reporter: but it's her voice that
. >> forecasters expect freezing rain and dangerous accumulations of ice across the carolinas and tennessee. >>> manti te'o is admitting he lied to the media after he admitted the girl oine didn't exist. >> the mastermind reportedly posed as a woman using a see if mail voice. >> i'm just calling to say good night. i love you. >> it didn't sound like a man. it sounded like a woman. >>> protesters clash with police in cairo on the second anniversary of the public uprising after toppling hosni mubarak. >> a 14-year-old australian boy has been rescued from queensland following heavy rain. >>> it featured a small dog and a somewhat elaborate zip line system. >> all that -- >> lands on his head. >> really powerful, not facebook powerful. >> how are you doing, jimmy? i don't really care. it doesn't matter. >> and all that matters. >> fight and protect the nation. >> on "cbs this morning." >> the hope is we can finally defeat the taliban by giving them the silent treatment. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." today vice president joe biden is bringing the battle of the gun c
thunderstorms across kentucky and tennessee this morning. these are tornado watch boxes. when these storms get here, they may still have some damaging wind gusts. that would more than likely be after dark tonight. 30 in -- 38 in hagerstown. annapolis 51. and 61 in manassas. we're going up toward 70, if not 75 well south of d.c. another incredibly warm day. watch out for storms tonight. let's talk to monika right now. we have timesaver traffic. as i said earlier, a fannic start to the day in -- a tragic start to the day in prince george's county. >>> an accident on the inner loop of the beltway. it happened before 3:00 this morning. it involves a prince george's county fire truck, a tractor- trailer, and a jeep. believe it or not, all three of which overturned on the beltway before 3:00 this morning. we're going to go to a live picture from our sky 9. first of all to give you some perspective. if you're planning to head on the beltway, this is what it looks like near route 50, the southbound side. that's the inner loop, right side of your screen. you can see all the equipment on the scene. two
indiana now. little bit of moisture coming in through the tennessee valley where it's cold enough for freezing rain and rain mix. kind of messy there and then up here, some of the snow not even reaching the ground because the air that's over it is to dry that initial batch of snow you'll see it on radar. it won't reach the ground for maybe a few hours before things start to come down. 14 in bladensville and you need it to go up. temperatures way cold. haymarket centerville 16 degrees this morning. got 13 coming in from baden right now with 18 at andrews. 17 bethesda. got a call in bill in the northern neck down to 15. he had 3.5-inches of snow yesterday down there. right now at reagan national and you're looking outside at the capitol on our michael & son weather camera. you've got 20. feels like 9 though and the air is really, really dry. this is what i mean. humidity 40% but between the temperature and the dew point there's a 21-degree spread and that dry air is going to have to be overcome first before the snow can reach the ground and there's just not a lot of moisture to work
ever seen before in my life. >> pelley: another tornado struck outside nashville, tennessee, home after home was destroyed, and one death is reported there. in memphis, 200-year-old trees were no match for the wind. and cbs news weather consultant david bernard is in miami, tracking the storms. david, what can we expect next? >> reporter: scott, let's take a look at our collection of doppler radars we have right now and we have a slew of tornado watches that are in effect this evening from tallahassee, florida, right through georgia and the carolinas, and within the last five minutes, the washington, d.c. area is now under a tornado watch. so these are the areas we're going to have to watch for the worst weather as we go through the overnight hours. but even philadelphia and new york could see strong winds overnight with some of the storm. >> pelley: seems early in the year for this kind of thing. how did this storm get organized? >> reporter: well, we had a bunch of ingredients that came together, kind of like all the right ingredients, i guess you could say, at the wrong time and what
toward us. we're popping some showers and thunderstorms mainly across kentucky, tennessee headed in through west virginia. higher elevations are seeing some of that snowfall but for most of us, this is just going to be some passing rain. the bulk of it goes to the south. most of us won't need the umbrella at all today but a few of us will have to duck by some of the sprinkles. as we head into your wednesday morning forecast, getting back to work, not too bad. we clear things out and a lot of sunshine is in store for tomorrow and even headed in toward the end of the week. we keep most of the moisture away until we get to thursday into friday. that's when i'm tracking the opportunity for a wet snow flake to move on through and at least for that cloud cover to return. so the forecast for today you just need to know we'll be into the lower to middle range 40s. keeping it cooler up toward the north. a little warmer down toward the south. tonight it's going to be a little bit chilly. we're down into the 20s. so bundle up if you're headed out early on wednesday morning. forecast for wed
's coming through the deep south, the tennessee valley. that's what we're going to be looking at as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. in fact the entire area, this yellow is from the storm prediction center. a slight risk of severe weather. it gets light, moderate and high risk levels. damaging wind gusts will be the main threat with the line of showers and storms that's expected to come through here late this afternoon. we're okay through lunch time. we'll head toward 4:00. probably okay in the metro. but look at the shenandoah valley toward western maryland. we head into the nighttime hours. it line of showers and storms will come through. by tomorrow morning here returns the cold weather. today 70. late storms. might even be holding off till after dark for most of you. 47 tonight. we don't really see temps move tomorrow, 48. windy and colder. a.m. flurries are snow showers friday. look at the highs, only 33. we stay in the 30s on groundhog day and sunday back to 44 monday. monika samtani, how is it looking? i-95 in prince george's county. >>> not much has changed since the la
across the south. driving in tennessee and other states was difficult. thousands of people are without lek terroristic. accumulations are about 2 to 4 inches but as much as a foot of snow is expected in higher elevations. we'll take a quick break on a friday morning. when we come back on the "morning news," more snowy story including this. take a look. a firefighter gets blind-sided during a dangerous rescue operation. this is the "morning news." moderate to severe intey chronic plaque psoriasis... well, it was really embarrassing. so i had a serious talk with my dermatologist. this time, she prescribed humira-adalimumab. humira helps to clear the surface of my skin by actually working inside my body. in clinical trials, most adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis saw 75% skin clearance. and the majority of people were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, s
made driving conditions treacherous across the northeast, midwest, and south. in knox county, tennessee, this fire truck skidded off the road crushing troomer slaying in his vehicle. slagl suffered a heart attack and slid off the road. a fire truck coming to his aid skidded in the same place. slagl died. in lexington, ken tuck eblack ice and slippery roads caused another fire truck to flip on its side. it's been a week of arctic air that has left much of the nation in an icy grip. in vermont, 20 degrees below zero. and in minnesota, some parts of the state dropped to 30 below. in new york city, temperatures remain below freezing all week. >> cold weather right now, how serious is this? >> so, you know, it's pretty serious. >> reporter: dr. jeffrey rabrich is the medical director of emergency medicine at st. luke's hospital. >> you can get confusion, dizzence, people can pass out. your heart could even stop if your temperature gets low enough. >> reporter: donna graziano says the dangerously cold weather won't stop her from making sure sandy victims have hot meals and a place to get warm
in knoxville, tennessee. in virginia, state police got 700 calls reporting crashes. but up north it's too warm. a rise in ocean temperatures is killing off the livelihood of the iconic new england fisherman. two years ago they hauled in 14 million pounds of shrimp, but this year they will catch only a tenth of that. so we sent seth doane out to sea. >> reporter: off the rocky coastline of five islands, maine, ronald pinkham has been up before dawn setting traps for nearly 60 years. how's the catch today? >> terrible. >> reporter: a third-generation fisherman, he's caught lobster in spring, summer and fall and shrimp each winter when lobsters move offshore. but that annual rhythm is changing. how long is shrimp season? >> (laughs) that's a good question. >> reporter: pinkham and his stern man derek colby worry the shrimp season-- which used to last months-- could now be just a day. what does it mean to the local economy? >> oh, a lot. this guy, he won't have a job. >> normally we're done november lobstering and that's gonna last until -- the money i made will last until april when we start lobs
-- lights of the city. it's going to go dark. pretty strong winds there and tennessee had winds over 50 miles per hour and i think we'll see that, too here, not good, more like april than january, although we'll be reminded we're in january tomorrow. live look outside, capitol, michael and son weather cam, temperatures still warm in the immediate metro area, the beginning of fall out want to west, still 65 -- out to the west, still 65 downtown. notice a little dip in the temps now, 58 bethesda and rockville, but 67 fairfax and still in springfield, 70 in old town and andrews, but some cooler air is going to move in here the next couple hours. colder air will move in late, late tonight. wind gusts 29 gaithersburg, 20 manassas, 25 at national and 32 mile-per-hour wind gust at andrews and the winds will get stronger. in fact, here's some stuff you can do. you can bring in the small chairs. turn the small tables upside down, stay away from the windows, highest winds between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m., gusts over 50 miles per hour. radar, one band of showers and storms entering loudoun county. see th
and big thunderstorms down in through mississippi and headed to the north and west tennessee and even into st. louis area with a rumble of thunder tonight in st. louis and you might hear the rumble of thunder tomorrow north of town. we'll zoom in, just some clouds rolling in right away. nothing to worry about. dry conditions and we will stay dry at least through tonight and probably most of tomorrow morning. temperatures, 48 in bethesda. 51 in arlington, 49 in fairfax. 47 in springfield. 51 at college park and 46 over in bowie. so the temperatures are still well above average for this time of the year and the day. now a few showers are on the way. dry tonight. mainly dry for the morning commute. there will be some wet roads in the evening. and especially north of town. rockville, frederick, going up that way. and certainly out towards leesburg, more to the west too. and a rumble of thunder is not out of the question yet. like april over the weekend, we'll be caught in a time warp over the weekend. future cast is 6:30 in the morning. no green blobs. clouds are increasing by lunchtime.
with all the damage, nobody was hurt. >>> we hear a lot about bullying. here is a story of three tennessee teenagers doing what could only be described as the exact opposite. >> the three unionville community high seniors were nominated to be homecoming king, but they decided to give the crown to somebody else. the junior has william syndrome, a neurological syndrome. while it was special for scotty, it was really special for them too. >> every time we get together, we would say remember when he won homecoming king? we'll remember that and cherish that. >> it was a part of the emotion from everybody. i think that i showed scotty show a few tears. we were all emotional. it meant a lot to us. >> oh yeah. >> yes. >> reporter: he's been wearing the king medal that he won at school all this week and next year he'll crown the new homecoming king. >> that's a very nice thing to do. >>> still to come on wusa9. a sneak peek at one of the super bowl commercials. but this is one that they will be talking about here. >>> how the brain stipulation is helping this patient combat early onset alzheimers d
into towards tennessee. had some icing problems there. the air that's moving into very cold. we've got single digits in williams port and look at the teens here. not just cold but some very dry air so that initial surge of moisture is likely going to be evaporating sam. the you look at -- some. if you look at radar the air is really dry. humidity only 40%. want to get the number the dew point as close to the temperature as possible so we get more humid and they can survive the trip down. north-northwest winds at 9 this morning. talking about the weather headlines, this is the second storm on the way but another kind of wimpy storm in a sense. meteorologically speaking and that may not be a bad thing from your perspective. it arrives this afternoon. 1 to maybe 3 inches. the 3-inch totals would be richmond and southeast of there or the northwestern zone. hagerstown and western maryland you may get that and even more out in garrett county. the storm system comes down it's going to be hitting those west facing ridges especially tomorrow. and late tonight and that's going to squeeze out 6 inches o
in the warm air up from the gulf of mexico region right through the deep south the tennessee valley. cold air on the backside and that's why we've got the snow flying in the rockies. a great ski season for the northwestern quarter of the country really from colorado all the way to washington state and british columbia. rain much-needed rain here. we need this in a more regular basis. drought conditions have really affected the levels of the mississippi. for us we watch the moisture increase. the rain gets here this afternoon. the warmth will follow starting tonight but watch out tonight lee. some patchy dense fog. today 50 and chilly afternoon showers. tonight we've got the early shower otherwise some patchy dense fog. lows in the low to mid-40s. tomorrow early clouds and fog and then we're dealing with some partly sunny skies. very mild. 62. sunday 68. some areas could get to 70 with some sunshine. rain returns monday and 60 and much cooler rain on tuesday and temperatures back in the 40s. 5:17. monika samtani, she's still smiling. that's good. >>> yes still smiling although there's one issu
mobiuring plant was also demolished. another tornado in tennessee killed at least one person there. >>> a 6-year-old boy has now been held hostage for 30 hours in alabama. police say a gunman took the child off of a bus after killing the bus driver. the suspect is hold up in an underground bunker. so far police believe he has not harmed the boy. surrounding towns are holding vigils for his safe release. >>> the shuttle fleet may be retired but the kennedy space center is still busy. nasa launched an unarmed atlas five rocket last night. the rocket is taking a satellite into orbit. it's part after imhiewn indications network to -- communications network to relay messages to and from the space station. >>> if you like the -- if you liked the weather the last couple of days, i'm sorry to say the flirtation with spring like temperatures is ending. >> the forecast is coming up after the break. stay with us. . >>> 53 degrees outside. don't get used to it. howard bernstein is here with s- n-o-w possibly. >> late tomorrow morning we'll see snow showers around. but let's talk about today first. the
picture. just to our south some precipitation down into tennessee and also in alabama. the precip stays south. however, the high and midlevel clouds will play cat and house with us tonight and much of tomorrow, especially in southern maryland. 32 now in rockville and bethesda and also in fairfax, even 34 in college park and down to 31 in bowie, 32 toward laurel. staying chilly to cold for a while, colder tonight, need a heavy coat tomorrow. some clouds will be south of town tomorrow, kind of a mostly cloudy day. keep the sunglasses handy for the finish of the week into the weekend. partly cloudy tonight, cold, a two to three blanket night, lows in the 20s. tomorrow it's going to be cold, thankfully not windy. bundle up the kids at the bus stop, 20s and 30s. by afternoon partly cloudy, coal, more clouds south of town, high temps -- cold, more clouds around town, high temps around 40. cold tomorrow 40, breezy and cold, 42 friday, chilly saturday in the mid-40s. next seven days, all important day sound, ravens up in battle skins at fedex, huge game -- baltimore, skins at fedex, huge games,
runoff from heavy rain is rushing down city streets. >> and six tornados hit tennessee yesterday crushing homes and businesses. one man died when a tree fell on the shed where he took corps. the mauve destructive twister killed another man in adairsville, georgia, and that's where we find terrell brown. terrell, good morning. >> reporter: norah and charlie, good morning. this is what's left in adairsville. much of the debris is from one of the sides of the building. that is the roof. and mangled in all of this debris is downed power lines. this is what cleanup crews will have to deal with today as many residents return to see if they have anything left. >> hey, that's a tornado, buddy. >> reporter: late wednesday the tornado touched down here in adairsville, 60 miles north of atlanta. it tore off parts of a manufacturing plant and ripped homes to shreds. >> i was so scared. it picked me up and flinged me three times. >> reporter: one man died when a tree crushed his home. at least nine people were injured. juanita carter dove into the bathtub to take cover as the structure of her cinder b
of i-40 in tennessee back toward atlanta and into upstate south carolina through the day tomorrow. could be up to a quarter inch of icing. then a chance for snow for the east coast. doesn't look like much. maybe an inch or so. the good news is that will bring in some slightly milder air by the end of the workweek and definitely by the weekend. back to you. >> thanks. democrats are already thinking about 2016. during yesterday's benghazi hearing senator barbara boxer and robert menendez took time to praise hillary clinton, making it clear they'd like her back in service. major garrett is at the white house where there's some nice snow on the ground. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah, charlie, and gayle. you know, there's no high-profile issue that joe biden hasn't set in motion or solved from the gay marriage to fiscal cliff to gun violence. biden is a visible force. but if he runs for president in 2016 he may well encounter outgoing secretary of state hillariry clinton but her exist has been marred by questions over benghazi and a recent health scare. there app
. there's snow on the ground from tennessee to virginia where more than a foot of snow fell in some areas. tens of >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by the florida department of citrus. >>> the mystery that has rattled college football grows. we'll show you what notre dame football player manti te'o said after he learned it was an online hoax and what it could mean for his future. >>> and a surprise from american airlines. >> i imagine there are some of you who might have expected a different press conference this morning. >> american is proud of the company's new makeover, but some of its employees are puzzled. peter greenberg asks ceo hornburg about changing some of its looks while it's still in bankruptcy on "cbs this morning." >>> this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by capella university. nurses are dealing with a wider range of issues. and there are ever-changing regulations. when you see these challenges, do you want to back away or take charge? with a degree in the field of healthcare or nursing from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to advan
storm wreaks havoc on roads. snow on a high wrai in ohio caused this spinout. in tennessee police say a fire truck slid off the road while trying to help a state trooper that had slipped off in the same spot. the fire truck landed on top of the cruiser, killing 26-year veteran trooper michael slagle. a similar scene in kentucky as black ice caused the fire truck to flip on its side. three firefighters were sent to the hospital. and an icy interstate set off crash after crash, many involving tractor-trailers turning i-65 into a parking lot. the blast of wintry weather follows the frigid week across much of the country in some places, the coldest temperatures in years. temperatures have barely been able to get above freezing in new york for days. in new york city this is how a fire hydrant looked before firefighters arrived. it's even worse in parts of minnesota where it plummeted to 30 below zero. and in vermont, 20 below with even colder windchills. next door in new hampshire, a ski resort shut down because the windchill was expected to reach 48 degrees below ze
selected to perform today. the brooklyn tabernacle choir, choir from lee university in tennessee, and the choir that's performing right now. it's a group of 65 fifth graders from ps22 on staten island. senator chuck schumer of new york is the chairman of the inaugural committee. they are from staten island which was so hard hit by superstorm sandy. they performed at the oscars and they are singing god bless the "usa today." james taylor is performing today. kelly clarkson will be singing "my country tis of thee." and beyonce singing "the star spangled banner." >> it has to be an honor to be selected by the president to sing. thinking about james taylor it was interesting to note if it would have gone differently, he would have been senator taylor. >> he said the right thing. i should do what i love and do what i do best. >> when real estate people talk about location location blair house has it all. margaret brennan is there to show us what's inside. margaret good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. blair house is about location location, location. it's
friend, the senator from tennessee, the honorable lamar alexander. >> mr. president, mr. vice president, ladies and gentlemen, the late alex haley, the author of "roots," lived his life by these six words -- find the good and praise it. today we praise the american tradition of transferring or reaffirming immense power in the inauguration of the president of the united states. we do this in a peaceful, orderly way. there is no mob, no coup, no insurrection. this is a moment when millions stop and watch, a moment most of us always will remember. it is a moment that is our most conspicuous and enduring symbol of the american democracy. how remarkable that this has survived for so long in such a complex country when so much power is at stake. this freedom to vote for our leaders and the restraint to respect the results. last year at mt. vernon, a tour guide told me that our first president, george washington, once posed this question -- what is most important, washington asked, of this grand experiment, the united states? and then washington answered his own question in this way -- not the
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